Farr Associates worked with the Northwest Indiana Regional Development Authority (RDA) and the Northwest Indiana Commuter Transportation District (NICTD) on the expansion of the commuter South Shore Line into three new communities. Four new stations are proposed, with Farr Associates completing transit-oriented development plans for the 1/2 mile radius around each station. These plans are illustrating how new land uses like residential, commercial, and offices can leverage the benefits of the new transit service. Additionally, Farr Associates is managing a large, diverse group of stakeholders– three municipalities, the Regional Development Authority, NICTD, and other agencies. 

The Westlake Corridor is made up of a variety of scales, intensities, uses, and building forms, and a one-size fits all strategy for development will not be successful. In addition to specialized outreach to each station community, our team is utilizing a context-based place type approach crafted by the non-profit Center for Transit Oriented Development. Calibrating a place type for each station area allows for specialized treatment of the corridor's pedestrian-oriented areas, auto-oriented areas, open space, and employment centers. 

Hammond, Munster, and Dyer will all end the project with different station areas and different priorities. It is our intention to leave them with a road map on how to proceed. Whether, it's recommendations on zoning adoption, strategic infrastructure investments costing exercises, economic strategies, and anything in between, we want the leaders of each community to be armed with the tools they need to make decisions and move forward once our team leaves.  

Client: Northwest Indiana Redevelopment Authority

Location: Hammond, Munster & Dyer, IN

Year: 2017