Farr Associates is committed to leadership in the realm of corporate transparency and advocacy. We commit to a voluntary, full-disclosure policy on important organizational information and policies, including goals, governance, business operations, and our involvement in positive social and environmental causes.

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Farr Associates is a Benefit Corporation, and as a requirement of such a designation, the firm evaluates its business practices using an established third-party certification metric. Farr Associates thus worked with the International Living Future’s Institute to become a JUST organization, using the Institute’s series of metrics to evaluate our progress on key indicators including gender/ethnic diversity, pay equity, responsible investing, and positive products.

This information is shared publicly on the JUST and Farr Associates websites and is updated annually. The scorecard also identifies deficiencies in our current policies and practices, helping to set the agenda to identify strategies that provide additional benefits to employees, helping them become more engaged citizens in our communities, and better stewards of our environment.



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