clara’s village

The Clara’s Village project consists of five buildings on five independent sites in Chicago’s South side neighborhood of Englewood. Four of these buildings are 6-flat residential units and the fifth is a mixed-use building with 28 apartment dwellings. Farr worked with Interfaith Housing Development Corporation, a nonprofit organization, to provide these low-income housing options to the residents of Englewood.

Key features of the buildings include the use of domestic solar hot water, which uses solar energy to assist in radiant heating. Additionally, the project has been through the City of Chicago’s rigorous Green Permitting Program, achieving the city’s highest “green” level of 3 stars. The development opened its doors to residents in the fall of 2008.

Client: Interfaith Housing Development Corporation

Location: Chicago, IL

Year: 2008

garden wall.jpg
6-Flat PlanElev.jpeg
25-unit plans.jpeg