The Bevo Neighborhood in St. Louis is a vibrant and diverse area with a passionate and involved community. However, Gravois Avenue, the central corridor in the neighborhood, was not the most pedestrian-friendly street. Vehicles would habitually exceed the speed limit, very few sidewalks existed, and vacant storefronts lined the edges of the road. Farr Associates and our subconcultant team got involved to transform Gravois Avenue into a corridor that accurately reflects the camraderie of the neighborhood. 

As part of the Great Streets Program initiated by East West Gateway, the project focuses on a mile-and-half stretch of Gravois, involving streetscape design, traffic conditions, store vacancies, business development, placemaking, and community cohesion. To produce solutions that are longlasting and community-supported, our team is looking at roadway treatments to slow traffic speed, strategies to treat vacant storefronts, and methods that will convert the road into a walkable and pleasant place.

The process consists of a total of six community workshops, six stakeholder meetings, a four-day charrette, and a tactical event at the conclusion of hte project. 

Client: East West Gateway Council of Governments + City of St. Louis

Location: St. Louis, MI

Year: 2019

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