The City of Lakeland, Tennessee, a fast-growing suburb of Memphis, hired Farr Associates to create new comprehensive land development regulations. A unified code, merging the zoning and subdivision standards into one document, resulted. Highlights from the code include innovative subdivision standards, thorough resource protection regulations, streamlined administration section, and all new zoning districts, including those dedicated for open space development. Together these standards will help ensure smart development appropriate for the different contexts within the City of Lakeland.

Subdivision Regulations. Farr created six “neighborhood types” to be applied to parcels as they subdivide. Each type includes a series of standards relating to a required mix of commercial and residential space, permitted building types, street layout and configuration, and required open space that must be met. 

Zoning Regulations. The Zoning Regulations include all new zoning districts, based upon the recently updated Comprehensive Plan. Each district includes a set of building form and use standards, including those districts created to designate open space facilities within the City. 

Client: City of Lakeland

Location: Lakeland, TN

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