AIA, NCARB, CPHC©, LEED Green Associate

Buildings are just structures that keep the water out and provide shelter. But what they can and should be are places that people actually want to be in. Places that will last a long time, and connect those that use them to the places and people that surround them.

Kelly Moynihan, Associate Principal at Farr, believes fervidly in the connecting power of architecture, and what’s more, the connecting power of Farrchitecture, which is unique in its inextricability from its enveloping urban space. The building isn’t just a lone structure on an island of nothing – rather, it is surrounded by other buildings – by people, by life, by mobility and transit.

Analyzing, designing, and constructing a building therefore requires a kaleidoscope, so to speak –  you need to look at things from every possible angle – context, demographic, connectivity. Kelly’s background in transitioning from suburb, to mountain, to metropolis has readied her for these varying factors. 

As a notable female architect, Kelly is excited that the industry’s number of women is rising. “We are collectively becoming a larger voice in the profession, but it remains to be seen what the impact will be.” Whatever the outcome is, a new era in architecture has commenced, and new opportunities abound for even stronger collaboration and innovation.

Kelly is actively involved in the Passive House Alliance, Living Building Challenge Collaborative, and Illinois Green Alliance.