Farr Associates led the design of a platinum LEED Commercial Interior that was designed to be a replicable, high-performance office interior renovation for the Environmental Law and Policy Center (ELPC). ELPC is one of the Midwest’s leading advocates of sustainable practice, and this project serves to exemplify their mission.

Features of the project include the use of photovoltaics on the building fire escape sixteen floors up. Occupancy sensors control lighting while glass-encased interior offices allow plentiful daylighting throughout the 12,000 SF space. The conference room features state of the art teleconferencing equipment, which cuts the amount of employee airline travel.

The office serves as a demonstration showroom to other commercial office building tenants who are thinking of “going green.” BOMA (Building Owners and Managers Association) can bring potential tenants through the space, presenting a LEED Platinum office that is reasonably priced, achievable through current technology, and most importantly, demonstrates that sustainable work environments can be achieved and duplicated.

Client: ELPC

Location: Chicago, IL

Year: 2010

Certification: LEED CI Platinum