Collinsville Road and st. Louis Road corridor were in need of a new vision -- though the interstate represents one of the town’s oldest thoroughfares, the node of commerce that it once embodied has transitioned to the Collinsville Crossings Business District. Farr Associates and its consultants were brought on to create a plan for how the roads could claim their both former and potential economic abilities, while properly paging homage to the historical signifance of the place. 

The project additionally focuses on neighborhood connectivity and illustrates how the roads can transition to more multimodal spaces that cultivate a vibrant place based on development. Tasks of this project included developing land uses, effective multi-modal transportation networks, and wayfinding. Additionally, modifications to infrastructure were expected in order to cultivate a vibrant place based on connections to existing neighborhoods that establish a renewed identity for the community along the Collinsville Road and St. Louis corridor.

Client: City of Collinsville

Location: Collinsville, IL

Year: 2019

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